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Residential Gates & Intercom

Increase the security of your premises to protect what you’ve built.

  • We design, create, and build gates, fences, and intercom systems to keep your secure.
  • We provide you with a phone line and smart add-ons like License Plate Recognition.
  • Hands-free gate access
  • Cellular & Satellite Connectivity
  • Get full-circle support from a single vendor, on a single platform
  • Manage your gates and intercom on any device

What You Get

Customizable Alerts

Receive text and video alerts for the events you want to know about.

Real-Time Access Management

Add and remove users from any device. Create lock / unlock schedules.

View Data from Your Device

Ability to view a detailed data log of who comes and goes right from your phone, desktop, or tablet.

Video Surveillance & CCTV

See what’s happening at your business no matter where you are. Record video around the clock. The presence of a visible video surveillance system deters thieves and encourages good behavior on your premises.

Video Verification

Smart AI can check a person’s photo against an event like opening a restricted room or entering a building with an access card or code. Look for known or unknown persons.

Smart Door Locks, Access Control, Keypads, Unlock Door with Cell Phone

Access Control

Manage liability and remove the keys. Track and control who’s coming and going. Cover doors, gates and garages. Choose your security level – ID card, key fob, PIN code or biometric locks.

What Customers Are Saying

I love these folks… they have always been SO very helpful!!! So much better than the Apple store.

Bob Banner

San Luis Obispo, CA

These guys have saved me so much on repairs over the years.

Wanted to give Eric a big shout out for helping me identify a problem, and fix what I was told was an unfixable problem.

Thanks again, you guys!

Charlene M.

Arroyo Grande, CA