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Power Solutions 

Prepare for Public Safety Power Shutoffs

Threats Of Wildfire In California Are Severe, Especially During Extreme Weather.
To protect communities and customers and prevent wildfires, electric power will be shut off. Depending on weather conditions, power may be out for several days.

We provide:

  • Backup power generators of all sizes and types
  • Backup cellular connections for internet and phone
  • Blackout-appropriate electronic locks
  • Data backup systems so you won’t lose crucial data
  • Emergency lighting

What You Get

Avoid Forced Closure

Imagine having to suddenly shut your entire operation down for an unknown amount of time. The impact on your bottom line, employees and customers could be severe.

Critical Systems Stay Online

Keep critical business systems like phones, computers, and POS connected and running. Protect your premises during any outage – your alarm, access and video systems will stay online.

Continuous Refrigeration

Save valuable food, medicine and more from spoiling.

Employee Wellness & Safety

Maintain employee health, comfort and safety with continuous HVAC and power for medical devices

Business Standby Generators

Looking to back up essential elements of your business? These units power sensitive business technologies and appliances during power outages, providing profit protection for businesses.


Portable Generators

Make sure the most important items—lights, refrigerators and freezers, sump pumps, even space heaters and window air conditioners—are up and running, minimizing any disruption to your lifestyle..

Backup Cellular Internet & Phone

When your primary internet connection fails, traffic is automatically routed to your backup connection and alerts are sent so you know what’s happening, immediately. IP phone services also kick in, giving you access to emergency services and more.

Install The Right Locks

Electronic locks come in two kinds: fail-safe and fail-secure. A fail-safe lock will automatically unlock when the power goes out. Fail-secure locks can be useful for back doors and side doors that are not intended as emergency exits.


Protect Computers & Backup Data

Install surge protection and UPS batteries to protect computer systems and active projects. Should a surge protector or UPS fail to do its job, a data backup will guarantee that no major losses occur.

Emergency Lights

Installing emergency lights that run on a battery backup will keep common areas such as bathrooms and break rooms lit up. This will give employees and customers the proper light they need to find an exit.

70% of power outages in the US are weather related.

Source: Edison Electric Institute

What Customers Are Saying

I love these folks… they have always been SO very helpful!!! So much better than the Apple store.

Bob Banner

San Luis Obispo, CA

These guys have saved me so much on repairs over the years.

Wanted to give Eric a big shout out for helping me identify a problem, and fix what I was told was an unfixable problem.

Thanks again, you guys!

Charlene M.

Arroyo Grande, CA

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