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We Can Fix That!

Our outstanding techs repair all makes and models of phones, tablets, computers, TVs, speakers, projectors and more. Available at our San Luis Obispo location.

Why Choose SecurePRO for your technology repairs?

  • We’ll repair any type of tech
  • Best qualified & experienced tech staff on the Central Coast
  • Quickest turn around on repairs
  • Quality OEM parts
  • Best guarantee on phone and tablet screens: 6 months
  • Liquid damage repairs available onsite
  • Familiar faces who have been servicing the Central Coast Tech needs for 20 years
  • Apple certified technicians

What You Get

Speedy Repairs

We know you want your device back in your hands ASAP, so we work hard to ensure fast turnaround times.

Experienced Techs

Our capable techs have seen it all, and if it can be fixed we will fix it!

Save Money

Why spend money on a new device if you don’t need to? Repairing is the less expensive option.

Caring Advice

Honesty is our top policy. We’ll evaluate your device and tell you exactly what to expect – whether that’s providing a quote for repairs or checking your device in for a full diagnostic.

Cracked Screens

Fast turn-around on repair of cracked iPhone, Android, Pixel, iPad, other tablets and even computer screens. We stock iPhone parts, and if you have another kind of phone just bring it in so we can get parts ordered.

Liquid Damage

No matter how your technology got wet (and believe us, we’ve heard it all), we use state-of-the-art methods to dry it out and get it working again. So don’t worry. If it can be fixed, we will fix it.

Buttons, Cameras, Speakers & Power

If your power button is broken, speakers are going out, or you’re having battery or charging port problems, bring your device to us for a free Repair Evaluation.

Software and Viruses

If you’re having problems with the latest OS updates, suspect you may have a virus or spyware, or are locked out of your computer due to password issues, we can help. And if you need help installing or setting up software, bring it in and we will get you set up.

Hardware Upgrades

Slow computer?  Consider increasing the amount of RAM or hard drive space or replacing your standard hard drive with an SSD. We use only high-quality OEM parts to keep your machine running longer.

Data Recovery

We can recover your precious photos and files from desktops, laptops, RAID/ NAS/ SAN drives, thumb drives and external drives, digital camera cards, smartphones and tablets. Your device will be taken care of by our careful technicians and will never leave town.

What Customers Are Saying

I took my iPhone 6 in last week because I had cracked the screen to a point where glass was starting to cut my finger.The entire thing took 30-45 minutes. When I went to go pick it up everyone was so friendly. They had replaced my screen and they even let me know there was a pressure spot inside my phone I should be aware of. I had another issue and I came back the next week and they fixed it right there because it was under warranty. Every single person I talked to was so genuine. They are the best. Don’t go anywhere else.

Kelsay S.

San Luis Obispo, CA

These guys have saved me so much on repairs over the years, I’m tempted to just start sending them monthly checks. Okay, that is a joke of hyperbole.

Wanted to give Eric a big shout out for helping me identify a problem, and fix what I was told was an unfixable problem. They have parts on hand for the mildly techie person and full repair services on many other things.

Thanks again, you guys!

Charlene M.

Arroyo Grande, CA

Repair Rates

We publish rates for iPhones and iPads, contact us for a quote on Android devices!


Screen Repair

iPhone XS $249.99
iPhone X (Hard) $179.99
iPhone X (Soft) $229.99
iPhone 8 Plus $119.99
iPhone 8 $109.99
iPhone 7 Plus $109.99
iPhone 7 $109.99
iPhone 6s Plus $99.99
iPhone 6s $99.99
iPhone 6 Plus $99.99
iPhone 6 $89.99
iPhone SE $99.99
iPhone 5, 5s & 5c $79.99
iPhone 4 & 4s $49.99


iPhone 8 & 8 Plus $69.99
iPhone 7 & 7 Plus $69.99
iPhone 6s & 6s Plus $59.99
iPhone 6 & 6 Plus $49.99
iPhone SE $49.99
iPhone 5/5s/5c $49.99
iPhone 4/4s $39.99

Charging Port

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus $69.99
iPhone X $89.99
iPhone 8 & 8 Plus $79.99
iPhone 6s & 6s Plus $59.99
iPhone 6 & 6 Plus $49.99
iPhone SE $49.99
iPhone 5, 5s & 5c $49.99
iPhone 4/4s $39.99


iPad Glass Repair

iPad 2 $79.99
iPad 3 & 4 $89.99
iPad 5 2017 $129.99
iPad Mini 1 & 2 $99.99
iPad Mini 3 $149.99
iPad Mini 4 $220.00
iPad Air 1 $109.99
iPad Air 2 $219.99
iPad Pro 9.7″ $289.99
iPad Pro 12.9″ $375.00

iPad LCD Repair

iPad 2 $109.99
iPad 3 & 4 $109.99
iPad 5 2017 $159.99
iPad Mini 1 $119.99
iPad Mini 2 & 3 $149.99
iPad Air 1 $159.99
iPad Air 2 $219.99

iPad Battery

iPad 2 $89.99
iPad 3 & 4 $99.99
iPad 5 2017 $139.99
iPad Mini 1 $109.99
iPad Mini 2 & 3 $129.99
iPad Air 1 $129.99

Liquid Damage Cleaning


Data Recovery


Restoring iOS


Tune Up


Tune Up + OS Install


We repair all makes and models of phones and tablets. Request a quote on yours here.

4 + 7 =

Computer Repair

General Rates

Laptop: $100/hour
Desktop: $150/hour


Password Recovery

Apple computers: $25
Email passwords: $45

PC Virus Removal

(including OS install if needed)

Advanced Data Recovery


Data Transfer


Liquid Damage Cleaning