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Commercial Managed IT

Peace of Mind For Your IT Needs

Small to midsize businesses throughout the Central Coast rely on SecurePRO’s IT services to keep their computers and networks running smoothly.

We provide:

  • Management, maintenance and consultation on your entire network – from break/fix situations to maintaining network health, and even planning for and orchestrating expansions.
  • Network monitoring, so you don’t have to worry about hard drive failures, Windows issues or spyware/malware sneaking up on you.
  • Remote management as well as in-person, onsite support. Training services are also available to help with software issues, process improvement and productivity enhancements… as well as those tricky tech issues that pop up from time to time.

What You Get

Scheduled Maintenance

We take maintenance seriously, so we formulate a schedule suited to your business needs. Of course, we’re just a phone call away in case of emergency, too.

Proactive Patching & Monitoring

We keep up to date on the latest news, innovations and IT risks and take steps to prevent issues and keep your network and computers up to date.

Prevent Outages & Downtime

If your computer or network is down, your employees can’t work – and that’s costing you money.

Knowledgeable Partnership

We get to know your network intimately so that we’re able to offer full support that you wouldn’t get from a computer guy that you call in once in a while.

Preventative Service

Downtime is costly and always comes at the wrong time. We can help predict issues before they happen and fix issues before they become critical.

Managed Updates

Free your staff from patching, updates and software conflict resolution – and from the headaches that happen when something goes wrong!


Simplify tasks and automate your business functions. highly secure access points for connectivity. Full integrations with our services such as access control, sensors, phone services, gate & intercom, and more!

Backup Services

Do you have a recent backup of your files? Do you know what to do with it if you need it? We can help make sure your files are always safe and secure.

Budget-Friendly Billing

Stop worrying about surprise costs – Managed IT service agreements are flat-rate and allow you to budget in any major new hardware purchases as well.

Forward-Thinking Planning

Your network will grow with your business needs, and we can help you plan out your expenditures and budget for expansion as it’s needed, instead of letting it become an emergency.

Business Phone Systems

Digitally transform your legacy and IP phones with no hassle. Manage your business from your phone or desktop. Integrates with Access Control Doors, Gate & Intercom Services.

Emergency & POTS Line Replacement

Upgrade analog phone services with broadband LTE. Fully integrates Intercom Systems, Emergency & Elevator Phones. Perfect for gate call boxes, HOAs & guard houses.

Virtual Phone Systems

Built for Small Businesses. Create call greetings & open / close hour scheduling. Features phone, fax, smart texting, and e-commerce friendly integration.

What Customers Are Saying

I love these folks… they have always been SO very helpful!!! So much better than the Apple store.

Bob Banner

San Luis Obispo, CA

These guys have saved me so much on repairs over the years.

Wanted to give Eric a big shout out for helping me identify a problem, and fix what I was told was an unfixable problem.

Thanks again, you guys!

Charlene M.

Arroyo Grande, CA