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Home and Business Automation

Control Your Whole Home From Your Smart Phone.

Safety • Convenience • Conservation

Smart Assistants

Google Home or Amazon Echo helps around the house. Use simple voice commands to:

  • Play music
  • Search the web
  • Make calls
  • Manage to-do lists
  • Link to other smart home devices
  • Plus, train your device to take care of your needs

Security Systems

Having a secure home or business is easier with smart security features like:

For home: Remote garage door operation, text alerts when your kids get home, video clips  that shows who’s at your front door and more.

For business: Protect your employees, your inventory and your assets.

Surveillance Systems

Know exactly what’s going on at your property at all times.

Get notifications and alerts immediately when there’s unusual action at your home or business. And you’ll have a recording of anything that happens.

Doorbell Cameras

See what’s going on right outside your front door – even when you’re not home.

  • Text and/or video alerts when people enter your home
  • See if your kids have brought friends with them – and exactly who they are
  • Know when you get packages delivered
  • Deter thieves from stealing your packages or breaking into your home (and have a record of it if they do)
  • See who’s at the door without opening it – never open the door for a salesperson again!

Heating & Cooling

Save money and program your HVAC to suit your needs.

A programmable thermostat allows you to set up schedules to make your heating and cooling system work for you. Plus, you can access it from your phone to turn on your heat or air conditioning remotely so your environment is comfortable by the time you arrive. Forget to turn the system off before you leave? No problem, log in and switch it off from wherever you are.


We have solutions for both new construction and existing homes and businesses.

Set the mood of a room with the touch of a button on your phone. Increase security by automating lighting to create the impression that your home or business is occupied. And never walk into a dark home again.

Locks & Access Systems

Go keyless with Bluetooth, keypad, keycard and more.

Receive alerts when someone enters or leaves your premises, send limited-access digital “keys” to guests when you’re not home, and remotely lock and unlock. For business, you can track employee entrance/ exit times, easily enable and disable employee access keys upon hiring or termination, and check remotely to see if your business was properly locked by the closing shift.

Automated Window Shades

Open or close all of your shades with the touch of a button.

We offer Lutron automated shades which help you save energy, reduce heating and cooling costs, enhance  your home’s appearance and enhance security with “Away” presets. They have an elegant look and can even be set to an automated schedule for hands-off adjustment, making your everyday life easier.

Irrigation Systems

The most efficient way to make sure your landscape gets the water it needs.

Conserve water, target your watering and meet local regulations for watering schedules easily with an automated irrigation system.

SecurePRO, Inc. provides services to Residential, Commerical, Industrial and Govenment Agencies.

Please do not hesitate to reach out and let us help you get what you need!

Doorbell Cameras

Smart Alarm

Video Surveillance & CCTV

Doorbell Cameras

Locks, Keypads and Keycard Systems
Locks, Keypads and Keycard Systems
Automated Lighting

Smart Assistants

Locks, Keypads and Keycard Systems

Automated Lighting

Heating & Cooling
Irrigation Systems
Irrigation Systems

Heating & Cooling

Smart Shades

Irrigation Systems