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2018 showed a trend towards fewer break-ins – because more homeowners are installing residential alarm systems. Potential burglars know how to spot a home left unprotected. In a report by the University of North Carolina, roughly 60% of convicted burglars stated that the presence of an alarm system caused them to target a different home.

Due to technological advancements in alarm systems and video surveillance, home security devices have become more accessible to the average consumer. Homeowners and even renters are making sure that their properties are secured.

There are still roughly 2.5 million burglaries per year and 66% percent of them are home invasions. It’s easier than ever to keep your property and family safe. But what should you look for when planning your home protection plan? Below are some of the technologies to consider when having an alarm system installed.

Motion Detection

Motion detectors are often small and can be placed inconspicuously throughout the home. When armed, motion sensors can give you a very immediate alert if anyone enters your home, or is already in your home waiting for you to leave. They can even be programmed to ignore pets, thus avoiding false alarms.

Door and Window Sensors

The most tried and true sensors that can be installed in a residential alarm system are door and window sensors. They can be set up to detect if a door or window is opened, and it may surprise you to know that nearly 30% of residential break-ins occur through an unlocked door or window. Door and window sensors can act as a great fail-safe if you leave the house in a hurry and forget to lock up.

Glassbreak Detectors

Suppose you leave on vacation and you have everything locked up tight. There’s just one vulnerability in your home – the windows. If a potential burglar knows you’re out of town,they may feel brave enough to attempt breaking your windows to get in. Fortunately, there are sensors that can detect the moment a window is shattered. Although it would be costly to put one of these sensors on every window of your home, it is a good idea to have one or two on any patio doors or large windows hidden from street view.

Audible Alarms (Sirens)

While an audible alarm may not assist in detection of a break-in, it can definitely help act as a deterrent as soon as the alarm is triggered. The immediate sound of a siren can prevent a burglar from entering the home. An audible siren is critical to a residential alarm system because of its immediate effect as a deterrent.

Residential alarm systems can not only give peace of mind to you and your family, they can also lower crime rates for your entire neighborhood. They act as an aid to help police catch criminals, and they prevent the spread of further crime. As long as smart homeowners continue to protect their homes with an alarm system, crime rates will likely continue their downward trend.