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Pre-owned computers and devices have been available at SecurePro San Luis Obispo for years.  If you’re wondering how they’re tested or where they come from, we’ve got answers for you.

What does “Pre-Owned” or “Refurbished” mean?

Pre-owned machines are working machines that have been traded in for a newer model. Refurbished machines are older machines that needed some type of repair. In either case, we replace malfunctioning hardware with new or like-new refurbished parts. As a result, you get a machine that is like-new but at a fairer price.

How are they tested?

All of the devices we sell go through a rigorous inspection program. We run hardware diagnostics – testing every port and verifying that sound, video, and input functionality are all working correctly.

If any issues are found, our technicians repair or replace any parts as needed. We also physically detail the machine so that it’s dust free. As a result, you get a machine that works well and feels as close to new as possible.

Can you transfer data from my old mac to a new pre-owned machine?

Data migration has always been a service that we provide. In fact, when you purchase a pre-owned machine from us, you get a 50% discount on data migration. We can migrate data from one Mac to another or from one tablet to another.

However, migrating data from a computer to a tablet or vice versa poses certain restrictions. Generally, we can only migrate contacts, calendar events, and emails between a computer and tablet.

Can you transfer data from my PC to a new pre-owned Mac?

Data like pictures, videos, documents, and contacts can be transferred from a Windows-based computer to a Mac. Unfortunately, applications cannot be migrated since PC applications do not run on Macs. We can offer advice on purchasing new copies of your apps. Or, we can help you purchase and install PC emulator software to run your existing software.

What is your warranty on pre-owned machines?

Our standard pre-owned warranty comes with all pre-owned machines. It covers the device for 90 days from the date of purchase. The warranty covers hardware problems and manufacturer defects. It doesn’t cover physical damage, liquid damage, or software-related issues.

Can I buy an extended warranty?

If you would like to extend your warranty to one full year, an extended warranty can be purchased for $129. Similarly, it only covers hardware problems and manufacturer defects.