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Also referred to as dynamic signage, digital signage is a type of silver-casting whereby a video or some form of multimedia content gets displayed mostly in a public place for purposes of advertising. Such signs entail either a computer or a playback device which is connected to large, LCD screen or plasma displays. This technology is often used by department stores, libraries, schools, hospitals bus stations, airports, and also in businesses. When the display is connected to a computer, it becomes easy to change or update screen data in real-time through the network connection or even the internet.

What Digital Signage Comprises of

Digital signage comprises a number of components. For instance, there has to be the hardware part, which is the physical components such as the screen itself, the mounts, the media players, and the network components. The software comprises the playback software, the device management systems, as well as the content. The connectivity part entails how the digital signs connect to the content management system. It may be through the Wi-Fi or other mobile technologies. There is also the installation which comprises of all the installation processes from identifying a site for the digital signage, all the way to the final installation.

The Benefits of Digital Signage To Businesses

  1. Enhances both the recall and retention rate

Statistics reveal that digital displays capture up to 400%more views when compared to static displays. Their recall rate is thought to be up to 83% higher than traditional media. These signs are more likely to attract a significant amount of foot traffic as well as new customers more than what traditional media would.

  1. Revenue is boosted

The powerful texts videos and images displayed on the digital signage has a strong influence on peoples’ purchasing decision. It is said that up to 60% of the buyer’s purchasing decisions are made just at the point of sale. Also, up to 80% of businesses that use digital signage often experience the sales increase of up to 33%. Therefore use them today and you will realize a boost in revenue for your business.

  1. It is easy to deploy

You can easily optimize your advertisement and display it to suit your target market in just a matter of clicks. Also, it is possible and easy to send and deploy the design to other branches of your business. Today, there are various cloud-based platforms that enable you to continuously create, deploy as well as maintain your ads through drag and drop user interface.